I Have a Meager Social Life

And quite frankly, I like it that way.  Sometimes I think I'd be better off if I did have a more abundant social life, but ultimately, in the end, I'm glad I keep mostly to myself and don't do a lot of socializing.  I don't NEED to be around another person to entertain myself; I just need to be able to go outside.  I get on my computer here and realized the other day that I'm getting dangerously close to living on here instead of living the life God gave me.  I love going to class and working on equipment, I love my horse and dog, but sometimes the draw of the Internet is addicting.  When I'm home though usually I don't get on a lot, but another point is that I don't like talking with most people face-to-face.  Probably based on a deep-rooted fear of rejection, but talking and e-mailing and IM-ing is much easier, but not always the best approach.

In regards to friends, I've never allowed myself to rely on others for anything, so it's just so much simpler and easy to do things alone.

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

I honestly think you are right. But then again everyone needs some social life to be out and have fun. It doesnt mean you have to sit around and chit chat about everything but just to get out with someone else or a group even isnt bad once in a while. I have no life either, I have a daughter and go to school on the evenings my ex is with our daughter. Other than that I have family who is always there for me with help. But that one night every now and then is a must!