Used To Have A Social Life And Now I Don´t

I live in a very secluded town where all people do is work.  Everyone is immersed in their professional lives cuz there´s not really anything else to do.  Its very lonely, ugly place and also sad.  I used to live in another city, one of the best cities in the world and I was the happiest person all around.  Now that am working here I haven´t been able to get back on track, but I haven´t been to get a job somewhere else, I get good money and that´s about it.  I also feel stressed all the time, tired, I go to work, go back home and watch tv and go online.  I am miserable, I don´t know how other people can live here, I´ve thought of living it all but I think with the current situation I shouldn´t leave my job until I can secure something else.  My gf doesnt know I feel this way because I don´t want her to worry, we are on a long distance relationship.  Whenever I travel am happy, when I have to come back here to my loneliness I go down in depression.  Anyway, hope I can read your experiences.  


In search of happiness..


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2 Responses Oct 20, 2009

Hey kctapout. Thanks for your message. You´re right, what i need is change. Am trying to find out is the best option for me right now. Money is not everything but still its important, I don´t want to make a decision that might bring me more problems after, but you´re totally right, am wasting my time here. I have put a deadline to do it and its february, will finish my year with the company and by then will go back to where I should be. What about you?

bud, life is too short to be miserable when you know what the problem is. Get out of there. Money is not happiness as you may be feeling. I know this because my dad is going through some of the same things. Get out man, move one. Go to your girlfriend, check out other areas in the work field. Do what ever it takes. You'll be fine man. The best thing for a person who is down, is change. Trust me