Why Am I Such a Pushover?

I was not born with a spine. No not the physical kind, the mental kind. I allow people to walk all over me and generally do nothing about it. I guess it is a mental issue that I am afraid of rejection or ******* others off...not sure. I do stand up for myself at times, but I have to be pushed hard. Most generally I will just shut up and go back to my corner. I envy those who have the ability to always stand up for themselves. But I also feel that they in the process become somewhat bullies.

amyjo3 amyjo3
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I can relate. I'm a pushover as well. People call me pathetic to my face. I was made to obey elders at all times and to agree with them in all matters. Any raised voice / disagreement / ob<x>jection was purported as a subject of great shame. I cannot be sure, but I suspect it to be the culprit for having a noodle for spine. I can never assert myself, and all my life have been trying to impress others, just so they would pat my shoulders. I have hurt myself to make others happy. The only person I'm brutal with is me.

Every phrase here - I relate