Sickest Way To Rupture My Spleen

It was just another weekend at the motocross track with me and my buddies. We had planned on staying the weekend like we always do. I did 5 full laps and was just starting to feel good and on my 6th lap i hit a 120 foot downhill triple that i always hit but this time i hit it legs flew off but i was bound to pull it off..i never let go and when i landed i landed right into the bars and broke my chest protector in half, it was like falling three stories...after i landed on the bars i flew off the side of the bike and whisky throttled into a clay hill, i flipped up it and then flipped down it. Before i knew it 20 people were surrounding me and i was being stubborn and takin all my gear off myself and got up by myself. I told them i would tough it out and ride again later. I started getting tired and caughin up blood. 30 min later i had to be rushed to bay medical in panama city besch by 2 of my friends bc it was such a weird pain. Once i arrived after the 30 min drive they took me straight in to get a cat scan and oxygen. The doctor rushed in on call to tell me i was literally bleeding to this time my eyelids were purple and i was pale and extremely hot. He said if we waited 30 more min i would be dead and we didnt know if i would even make it in time as itwas. I was calm about it tho i knew icould do it and God could help me. My parents were crushed and a wreck. When they started putting me to sleeep i pulled the mask off and told the doctor to do whatever he had to do bc i still had plenty life to live i wasnt ready to go. 3 sec later i was asleep. I rememver waking up in icu saying " im alive" it was such a relief. I ended up having a shattered spleen, a rippped kidney and a bruised lung. Imust say god was with me and my parents, family, andso many friends had already made the 2 hr drive to the hospital by the time i was up. I have the best friends and lucky to be hear and i cant wait to get back on my dirt bike...
mikiii714 mikiii714
Dec 4, 2012