I Need Some Help ?¿?

Hey. I lost my spleen about 6-7 months ago from an accident I had on my bmx. So far I have t been I'll or anything but I am on 1000mg of penicillin every day. Is anyone else??? I just really need some help on what I can and can't do in life now I have no spleen. I'm planning on getting a tattoo soon and was wondering if anyone else has and if it caused any problems? Would appreciate any reply. Thanks.
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I am covered head to toe included my eyeballs if doctors say no you can't there idiots

I had my spleen removed from a car accident, since then I got vaccinated and I haven't taken anything. But I do get scared and depressed.

I have several tattoos and piercings and never had a problem

I've just undergone reconstructive knee surgery aswell !! Had a bit of a reaction but that all went fine:) I'm going away to the carribean soon so I'll speak to my doctor about that! Thanks for your reply I greatly appreciate it.

Christian, I had my spleen removed following a car crash 16 years ago. I was on 1000mg but only for 3 years, since then it's been 500mg a day. Since recovering from the injuries of the car crash I have led a perfectly normal life so I would say there is nothing to worry about apart from avoiding Malaria ridden countries, ticks and a couple of other bits that you should speak to your Doctor about to put your mind at rest.
I have also had a tattoo in that time, no problems.

Prayer is the most powerful healing force. Go to God in prayer. I have been in Christ for a long time. I have prayed many times to him, and I was healed. Pray to Him every day for a healing. God does love you. Give Him a chance. He will prove it to you. I will pray for you, whoever you are.