Went to Dentist Ended Up In Hospital


    Went to dentist, got a filling, he refused to give me an antibiotic cause he didn't know what a spleen does I guess, and 2 days later I end up in the hospital near dead, with Ludwig's Angina.

    Look it up on wikipedia and beware spleenless people and others with compromised immune systems and stupid dentists.

    Details to follow as I regain my energy...anemic still after hospital stay one month later - haven't been sick since 1988, but I was almost killed by a stupid dentist with no appreciation of spleens and the spleenless.

          Spleenless :)

spleenless spleenless
3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Your experience is a great example what can happen when the medical profession does not know how to deal with patients that have had a splendectomy. If you're interested you can read my spleen story here. I find I have to be my own advocate when getting any kind of procedure or test. Sometimes people make fun of me or become annoyed when I ask alot of questions. When they do I just keep on asking my questiions because I will be the one who suffers the consequences and I am trying to protect myself. I hope you are feeling better soon.

hi lost my spleen from a blood disorder and been health declined every since. Doctors still seem to b clueless or think i may b imagining things at times i think. Do u have problems being sick all the time?

Loosing your spleen is a big deal. It is part of your immune system and now it's gone, so you are at risk for getting sick more that others. Remember your body lost its largest lymph node and is adjusting to that change. I've found out it takes your body years to adjust to the change. You must be patient. The first 2 years after I lost my spleen I got sick very easily. I needed to go to the doctor about twice a month. My face remained a pale white for two years. Doctors helped me the best they could and yet I knew they didn't fully understand what I was going through. I used and still use Purell hand sanitizer daily. I carry two in car and two in purse at all times it helps from catching germs from other people. You must wash your hands a lot. Mine get raw so I cream they often. You must get a lot of rest. At times I needed 10 hours of sleep and would be made fun of by others. It was scary because no one believed me and I had to stay the course of taking care of myself. I am now 85% back. This is what I will live with the rest of my life. I will never fully recover from losing my spleen. I continue to be careful when I get sick and do not wait to go to the doctor. My face now has color to it and my doctor comments how happy he is that the pale white is gone from my face. Hope this helps and take care of yourself!

you were lucky.i know exactley how you feel.i think i should be a spleen specialist.i spent 9 hrs yesterday trying to obtain antibiotics from a seriouse cat bite and scratches and was even told to go home basically by a nurse at st james's in leeds; even though i explained everything.Some in these medical professions just do not have a clue and it is a very bad ignorance.How ridiculouse.I've too been in hospital but am usually my own dr at home with antibiotics.Honey is also good for the chest and lemons when generally unwell.However I wish you plane sailing and I bet you won't be compensated.I haven't a clue how some make it into these professions but thank God there are some capable ones to help pick up the pieces.regards.p.s. I tried accupuncture for bad sensory inflamations,It really worked wonders.Just an added extra for anyone reading.

Just to let you know that I am praying for you. That you will soon recover and get stronger every day. I'm praying that you'd have God's peace in your soul and feel his arms around you as He heals and makes you whole.<br />
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I hope that you feel better soon! :-)<br />
God bless you. :-)