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Just over a year ago I got kicked by my friends horse in the ribs, it was a cold morning and I was alone in the field with my horse and hers. I remember being breathless and in a bit of pain but most of all I was very cold. I managed to stumble up a mile long dirt track to where my car was and some how drive to my partners house. When I got there I could hardly talk and he rushed me to hospital but all I wanted to do was go to bed. When we got to the hospital they took about an hour to do some tests and scans. They then told me that I had two broken ribs, my spleen was shattered and I was bleeding internally and I would need to go to theatre urgently. So off I went and woke in intensive care and was then transferred to a ward the same night. I spent 4 days in hospital and then came home as it was just before christmas and I wanted to be at home with my family.  

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Hello everyone. I am looking for a support group that matches our circumstance. Unfortunately this is the closet group I could find. My son, Ethan was run over by a car at age 1 1/2. He is now 2 years old. He suffered from a stage 4 shattered spleen. No broken bones. He lost a lot of blood, but had no transfusion. The pediatric surgery team decided to leave my sons spleen in. There is a very tiny piece left. However, our problem is, he is sicker then he has ever been. He started vomiting in the car, he has had diarrhea ever since his injuries. He catches colds easily. We took him to a pediatric gi due to the vomiting and diarrhea, they did a scope and found he now also has h pylori. A bacteria eating away the lining if his stomach. He is vomiting more and the diarrhea is getting worse. He has abdominal pain. We are so overwhelmed with this as he is only two years old. Is there anyone out there who still has a piece of their spleen that is staying sick? What should we expect?

Hi Sorry I know that you posted months ago, but no I'm not depressed or anything, just get colds and viruses easier and they are harder to get rid of. I just need to take medical advice if I am going abroad for pills ect and have my flu jab once a year. Have you had any jabs yet as when you first have your spleen out there are some you need but the hospital should have given them to you. I had pain for about 2 years on and off but trust me, it will settle down. If its still uncomfortable to sleep then try a V pillow and a warm hot water bottle it helps ease the pain more than pain killers.

i lost my spleen due too being beaten up i can say my health aint as good as it used too be when i had my spleen suffer with my chest alot i get alot of aches and pains too i take 100mg of penicillin everyday for life too help prevent inffection i dont feel healthy at all i get depressed alot of the time <br />
and i wish i still had my spleen x x

HI, sorry I know you added this story almost a year ago now but I had to have an emergancy spleenectomy due to falling off a horse a week ago now, just on a general hack the horse decided to bolt and wasnt stoping at all ended up crashing in to a gate full gallop and I flew off in to the road. Ended up being rushed to hospital as i was breathless and had real bad pain down my left side. I was in hospital 8 nights, happened day before new year.<br />
Just wondering if you've had to change anything now you have no spleen. Do you get ill alot more and are they serious? Do you get depressed as i hear some people do?<br />
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