Shattered Spleen

It was a Friday afternoon after school and I had just gone to the park with my friends. Two of the boys got onto the tyre swing while my friend pushed them. We were taking it in turns to run into the middle and back out again which we had done loads of times before. It was my turn so I ran in but I left it just a bit too late. The tyre smashed into the left hand side of my chest and threw me to the floor. I was winded and dazed but I tried to sit up. As I did the still moving tyre swing hit me in the back of the head and knocked me to the floor again. I threw up twice (people thought it was blood but it was actually the chocolate bourbons I had eaten earlier). My friends went to get my dad who picked me up and carried me home. It was sheer agony. At home I threw up into the sink again as my mum called the ambulance. I also fainted and had a fit at the same time. Then they laid me on the sofa and waited for the rapid response team to turn up. All I wanted was to go to sleep but I couldn't because my dad slapped me round the face. The air ambulance also turned up but the paramedics didn't think it was serious enough for me to travel on it. Then they took me to the hospital, scanned me, told me that I had shattered my spleen and that I needed surgery urgently. 

This happened in 2007 and I've had to take penecillin twice a day ever since.

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1 Response May 25, 2009

That sounds harsh, glad your doing okay though. I would kill to have a active script for 'penicillin'.