People Who Touch Kids That Way Should Be Shot.

Animals. What the **** is coming to our culture that we can't just ********** to images in our own head? I'm serious. You don't have to rape a kid. You have a hand, you have a fleshlight. use your ******* imagination.

I have an uncle who had this though and he had possesion when he died of violating images. They were not taken by him and he went out of his way to avoid meeting children. When I noticed him in certain usenet groups I knew for having a problem when he died though I knew my grandfather had molested his kids. I didn't know how to take it. He was dead but his secret was out to at least me. He had a history in which he went out of his way apparentally to avoid meeting kids and basically died from sharing an inhaler with another man which ate his lungs out and horny on his monitor he just slipped into a coma and we had to pull the plug.

I think that it's disgusting that people engage these impulses. I think it's one thing to have them. I think that it can even be NORMAL (ephebophilia?) to have them in certain contextes but I truly have no sympathy for those people who actually go out and harm children or contribute money to those who do. I have had healthy (Not towards kids) sexual impulses most of my life and let me tell you something about them: I'm 26 and still a virgin. That is not because Women have never offered either. They aren't hard to resist. Why the **** can't you? Why the **** do people keep making that excuse?

Will power. Get some. Jesus ******* christ. That's what separates us from the ******* animals. 

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 9, 2012