I Don't Have and Don't Want

i'm young and free,and in my plans isn't there an idea off doing tattoes...i know persons with,and i don't mind,of course it may be cool in some ways,i like poeple with tattoes,but i don't want one for me....maybe ....but not!

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Chalk up another "DH/DW" here. Most definitely. I find them abhorrent - especially when in the food court.

i think tatttoos are a way to express who you are... same with piercing. i have a few tattoos and piercing myself but all are in descreet areas so only the people i want to see it will. everyone has their own outlook and prespectives on tattoos. i don't think people should take offend just bcuz someone has a tattoo..

Don't have, don't want. Don't like them, on anybody, females more but either is ... it's not a mainstream thing, or equating them with people being criminals or things like that, it's entirely personal. <br />
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I guess what I feel most when I see tattoos (and piercings) is almost hurt - painful disappointment, like someone I was friends with slapped me in the face, even if I don't think this particular person well but am still around them a good amount of time (strangers it's a bit different)<br />
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I don't know why I feel this way, I just feel like they've missed out on something, made a mistake, didn't "get it" somehow, and are proud of this new adornment they think helps them express themselves... I also don't like the ideas of unnecessary pain and mutilating perfectly good flesh, it is entirely nonsensical, especially for the sake of what they call "art". <br />
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I had a friend ask me if I'd think different of him if he got a tattoo and I told him "yes" - he seemed genuinely surprised, because he was wanting one (and did get one) but he shortly moved a bit away and we grew out of touch and though he called a few times and asked me to call him, I never did and haven't had any regret or guilt about it, for some reason, though I also have depression so some of it might be that. <br />
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I also had a couple of cousins that would come in after they got a new tattoo and say "hey check it out, I got a tattoo", and I'd say "So? I don't like tattoos, so go show it to somebody else" - again, they seemed surprised and a little hurt, but it's my honest feeling and for some reason I feel very adamant about it and don't feel like being tactful - it's weird and I'm not proud of being judgmental like this but for some reason it pushes a button in me that I can't define or do anything about.

that's good ! Hugs* ^_^

no prroblem i don't wanna a tatto....:D

sorry.. i didn't mean to recommend doing tattoo.. Hugs*

yeah...i'm young so i don't know...maybe yes but maybe not...it deppends*hugs

tattoo tatoo tatoo. yeah.. i don't have one... in don't know if i want one.. but who knows. one day... I have seen a japanese lady who had a tattoo in her shoulder and back.. i was amazed. it was so pretty and SEXY. <br />
for a while i was infatuated by her image.. buuuut that was while ago and in another land with another time.. Hugs* ^_^

Me neither