No True Friends

So here's my story.  I was always the funny but quiet one. Always loved a laugh and quick to help others (school, relationships and even helped someone come out of depression) and now, I find myself alone friendwise. Just me,  my hubby and our 3 munchkins, who are great :). All my other friends have become lawyers and chartered accountants, and I helped them study and rooted for them when they failed exams. I managed to complete college, didn't make it to university. Being too busy helping so called friends, having kids, etc, I never took care of myself. They dropped me...because as one person put it "I'm really busy, going to all these events, lawyers stick together you know?" And I thanked them for introducing me to their "new circle of friends". Every new person I meet is like "so what do you do?" "A legal secretary. Oh." It pretty much ends all the same way. Is it just me?

imjustsomegirl imjustsomegirl
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I think when people do so much for others and try to make others happy they always feel as though they are not getting the same treatment in return from friends and family and they take it harder compared to soemone who doesnt do as much. Keep your head up.God will reward you for all the good things you do for people.