How To Communicate To Your Neighbors Just How Noisy They Are

I have been out of town all weekend at a conference for my job. I get home Sat night a little sick from sleep deprivation and stress looking forward to the "fall back an hour" of the time change. Oh wait, no. That is never going to happen because my little old neighbor next door loves to cook breakfast for all her gazillion family and friends at 7 f#@! o'clock in the morning. Cabinet doors slam so hard they bounce, my bedroom wall shakes from all the people running up and down the stairs. When I go ask her to keep it down, she says, "oh, well, I have company and you left your laundry downstairs and I need to do some" Passive Aggressive biddy.

What do I do?
claiwaterpottery claiwaterpottery
1 Response Nov 6, 2011

You have my total, total sympathy. A young couple moved into the apt. next to me right after Christmas. Loud as ever!!! They constantly slam the front door. They run up the stairs & down the stairs when they are home, all day long. It's in & out all day long. They constantly have company. They are still doing this at 12:30am. Then they are up at 7:30am & there's music, loud whistling, talking, etc. It's horrible. I wake up to their noise every morning & go to bed with it every night. I recently told the apt. complex office & they did send them a letter, but it did little good. I am actually praying the Rosary every day & I did a spell on them to make them move out. Let's see if it works. In the meantime. I hope your noisy neighbors move far, far away