The Upstairs Neighbors From Hell

I live under some really rude people that have two children, every day like clock work they let their children run wild over my head and stomp and jump drag chairs over the floor and man it is loud i tell you, i really don't get how can people be so rude to their neighbors under them like this and think it is ok. the bad thing about living under these people is that the husband walks like he have weights on that when he walks over my head in my bedroom i hear this like hanger or something clinging on the floor and man it gets loud when your trying to get to sleep, and the bad thing about it is when he walks my room door will be closed and that when the man walks he shakes my door open because he stomps so hard on the floor it shakes my walls, i've never seen nothing like this in my life, i'm in total shock by seeing something like this. and his wife is just as bad, she slams cabinets doors and walk around after 11pm with flip flops and i be like O.M.G what is wrong with these people, they move furniture around after midnight, and mind you now they don't work so they have all day to do whatever they want to do like MOVE FURINTURE and slide chairs and tables around, but no they want to be rude to me and my family that have to wake up starting at 5:30 am to get ready for work and school, man i am so tired of them that now i decided if they are going to stomp and throw bowling balls on the floor i am going to be just as loud to them by hitting the cellin every time they are being nasty to me, so far it worked today and now the noise stopped but i will continue when they do it until they get the picture.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I have neighbors upstairs that are purposefully loud to wake us up. So I bought some heavy bass speakers, and found out the community's quiet hours. Now they know if they wake me up, their kid won't nap all day or go to bed on time. It's ugly war and I can't wait to move but for now at least my music is better to listen to than boom boom boom. And sometimes they're even quiet cuz the "bass shakes their floor". I hate being an *** neighbor but sometimes you have to do what it takes.