I Can't Stand My Upstairs Neighbors

All you hear is things droping, falling, hard jumping stomping and the farther slaming his iron feet on the floor. They let their kids run all over the dam place, jump up and down on the wooding floors, back and forward thoughout the apartment. The mother is there all day long and what makes me sick about her is that when 9pm come rolling along they have a free for all stomping contest above my bedroom ceiling, Hello there is people that live under you!!!.. One day when i was trying to watch T.V in my livingroom, You heard me say Trying! these fools was letting their kids throw toys at the glass doors to the balcony, I was like what the hell?. I did write a letter to the management asking for a change of apartment because i couldn't deal with the lack of sleep and all the noise i was receiving from those *** of a people upstairs. My problem is that, I know when you have children they are going to want to play, and i can deal with the runing but when you let your children stomp and jump up and down in one place or all over the place, or let them throw something that sounds like metal on the floor all the time, i have a problem. So for now on until i leave this place, if i am kept up until 3am with the loud stomping back and forwards over my bedroom or the hard stomping and jumping, they will hear my loud T.V with Bass throw the Stereo. I can listen to it as loud as i want until 10pm at night, and i will become the noisy downstairs neighbor. If you don't respect my family and i, than i don't respect yours.. lets see how long they will take it, sense it seems no one is their to help quite them down.
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I know the type. I call mine the tap dancing elephants. But then again actual tap dancing elephants would be a lot more quiet.

I tried that!! I have exactly the same problem!!! Believe me when I say it just makes them even worse...I have had this problem for four years and spend my entire homelife in ear plugs...which doesn't block it out...just dampens the noise slightly!!


Your right as a parent they should have some respect to try to calm them down because they live above them, but people just don't give a dam about no one but them self. I myself started feeling nasty feelings towards the adults above me, not the children because they don't know any better, and as a mother i don't allow my children run and do things in the apartment that is suppose to be done outside. these fools don't even take their children outside to burn off the energy they have, but instead let them run like cats do on a full moon. Just now as i came in from taking my daughter from the doctors, as soon as i closed my door all you hear is stomp, stomp stomp and crap being thrown across the floor( my ceiling). it's a shame we have to deal with crapy people like that.

I know what you are feeling, I have the same problem with Neighbors who have two little boys, who continue to run back a forth across their hard wood floors, slamming doors, stomping, banging. You name it they do it. It's at the point I can't stand the parents for letting them do that. Sound like the little boys run over the mother when so there with them by herself. I HATE them, because I can not get ANY peace and quiet. This have been going on for over 6 months. As a single person who live alone, I should not have to change my life style around that crazy noise and I live over top of them..