My 77 yr old mom and I (her cargiver/daughter) recently moved to a 2 apartment duplex. I Wish we didn't, because there is another duplex behind us and the young 20 somethings are so inconsiderate. The black guy, doesn't work (what a shock-not), but makes his white GF and baby momma work. He won't even take care of the 3 kids (Not surprised). He plays that sh*tty rap music loud in (I assume his GF's car), while he just sits there, talking on his cellphone. He already gave me 2 hateful looks, like I called his whole family the "N" word. Plus the young white couple have 3 cars, one is a 4x4 truck with a loud muffler. The white boy will come and go several times in the evening in it and it sounds like he's driving it through my bedroom. Their driveway is right next to my mom and I's bedrooms. The landlord owns a restaurant that the girls work at and another girl that works there is set to move next door to me. I Hope she ain't a loud jerk like the one's in back. Now last Sunday I nicely asked them (while the black guy's mom was there), to please Turn his music down while sitting in the car. Of course he didn't,t like it, his older brother was there and said (under his breath) that since he pays his bills, then he should be able to play his music. I set an example for all of them, I said I play metal music and he wouldn't like if I play my music loud. One dark haired girl said that may have been visiting, I only saw her once, said "We are set on moving." If so GOOD,Thank God! But until then "Quiet-All of you!" My mom had an aneurism in 1998 and it affected her balance and walks with a cane, plus she is 99lbs and frail. She goes to bed at 4:30 every evening, because she gets cramps in her legs around 10 pm or later and has to get up and sometimes stays up. Since I called his @ss out in front of his mom, I'm sure he really dislikes me now, sfw, grow the hell up and get a job! His older brother I Know is a drug dealer, most likely he his too. My older sister works at the same auto stamping & machinery plant as his older brother and witnessed twice drug dealing between him and 2 other co-workers. Also one of my sister's female co-workers knows my deadbeat neighbor and says he's worthless and a momma's boy. Hopefully me & mom will be out of here and living at a place and neighborhood that has Quiet, Older (hopefully Senior Citizens) respectful neighbors, next year. The day here Monday - Friday is quiet, but when 4pm gets here it's when they all come home and I hate it! I have to sleep with my tv on, my fan on full blast. I did sleep with ear plugs, until I told them to keep the music down and that wasn't me talking, it was my sleep deprived stress doing the talking.
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Sounds like a ghetto piece of sh*t without any sense of common curtesy or decency.