Partner To Non Hodgkins Patient

Recently I saw the movie Sweet November which brought back many memories. Eventhough a very romantic movie, it shows all the effects on the relationship, especcially the demanding, non-compromising attitude of the patient.

My partner was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphomia in 2003 and received treatment early 2004. again during the winter of 2006/7 and last winter. Our life has been like a roller coaster ride ever since even into divorce proceedings. My partner did contact a psychiatrist but claimed that I was the cause to all eventhough i.m.o. my partner was the one making life unbearable. Our GP stated that partners of cancer patients complained often about not being appreciated by the patient. Eventhough the shrink of my partner indicated that it would be better of I were given more time to do what I had to do and be able to relax, such advise was not accepted. Things which were first considered fun for both were used to ridicule me towards others.
My advise to others is that if you are confronted with a partner with cancer take the following into mind:
- do not allow outsiders to invade your private life, help is grand but only when organised by the healthy party,
- do seek help together from professionals eventhough you might have the feeling such would not be necessarry, do ensure you have the contacts.
- that the patient becomes more demanding is a normal thing, be aware that the patient might tend to requesting divorce. Such is the result of the interaction of the medication on the mind. More studies on the chemomind are becoming available.
- Borderline (like) behaviour is not uncommon. (British Medical Journal 1987). I.m.o. ist is the result of the influence of the medication on the Thyroid gland producing serotonine, thus altering the amounts produced, which will influence the perception of the patient. Such might be enhanced by earlier problems with the thyriod gland.
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