I was diagnosed with NPH by a fluke, meaning my local Dr,s thought I had fibromylgia, or see a shrink, etc. This was after I told them I had several bad  falls, broke a bone in my foot, multiple bruses, incontinance for several years, stuttering walk. I had to give up my bike which was my heart. I loved going om planned trips on weekends etc. Anyway, a new urologist in town checked me out and sent me to UCLA urology dept, where I became confused, and fainted. they sent me to Neurology. I had a MRI and spinal tap. Positive for NPH. I had the shunt surgery this past January at UCLA. My symptoms are resolving. But it will take time before I'm back on my bike. Anyone can reach me (shunters) for support or whatever? Sincerely Margot
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My ENT wanted the neurologist to do a spinal tap because of all the pressure and headaches I am having in my head. Am also having very bad tinnitus in the left ear. The neurologist did an MRI of the brain and saw no reason to do the tap. I have been down on butt and off my game for two years - yes they sent me to the psychologist who said it a medical problem. I also read of a lady that lost 7 years of her life, progressively, until an eighth neurologist just put in the shuts. Where can I get help? I also fell but am not incontinent yet, at least not on the urine side. I am suffering from some incontinence on the fecal side. Somebody please just give me the name of doctor who knows something about this!