Wake Up With Them...

Nose bleeds are the most annoying and irritating things since cold toilet seats and car salesmen. Unlike a simple runny nose, bleeds just keep coming. I absolutely hate having to wash it out with cold water, apply a wet towel, and sit back with my head facing the ceiling. The process is uncomfortable and overall time-consuming.

I guess I'm really sensitive to dry air. During a vacation to Paris a few months back, the first thing I noticed besides the Eiffel Tower was the incredibly dry atmosphere. I believe I took at least three nosebleeds then. Good thing the hotel had humidifiers.

Speaking of humidifiers, it turned out that the majority of my nosebleeds come from sleeping at night. I bought myself a humidifier and turned it on in my bedroom during the nights. It helped quite a lot.

Not to sound disgusting, but nosebleeds can also leave your nostrils dirty and red. They irritate me very much, and I hope to avoid them in the future.
shooterboss shooterboss
18-21, M
Dec 29, 2011