In the summer of 76 the last summer of what i called my youth before i went to collage and then out in to the world of work . I was invited to stay with some old family friends for a few weeks in the south of England it was a lovley little country town on the river avon with the kenitt and avon canal going though the town as well. I had been there about a week when i met bev who was the same age as me we just seemed to hit off and spent most of our time walking and chating as we walked along the towpath by the canal which seemed looking back was most days after bev had finshed work. the day we enjoyed most to walk was a sunday evening which was a lot more peacful. we would stop at a pub and drink a half pint of cider and enjoy the last of the summerday holding hands and kissing. It passed in a flash that few weeks of summer but i have never forgotten bev.
wardman wardman
Apr 26, 2012