I Have Not Been Myself Lately

I am usually very easy going and happy go lucky. The last few weeks I have been working some pretty long brutal hours and working weekends. I have noticed that my patience at work is wearing thin! I feel snappy with people I like and have very little patience for anything when it comes to my job. We are in the middle of moving to another office building and myself and one other coworker are left packing thousands of charts to be exact about 10 years worth of patient charts. We are still struggling to keep up with our doctors and their schedules and just all of our other daily duties and are supposed to have all this done within two more weeks.

I hate feeling this way I am sure things will go back to normal once we get settled in the new office. Meanwhile I am embarrassed to say I feel like the witch on the Wizard of Oz and I am talking about the one the house fell on! LOL! Seems like the more hectic things are the more people around you tend to say all the wrong things! For example this one woman from another one of our smaller offices called me 6 times today just to tell me she needed boxes to pack a few things. The problem with this is that I had spoke to her twice already today and told her these boxes are being ordered and being sent to her tomorrow. She left me 6 voicemails to call her that it was urgent! My coworker was out sick today so it was just me! At my office we have 16 Doctors the office she kept calling from is tiny and she only has 2 Doctors to deal with so I had my hands full as it was!

All hell broke loose today you know Murphys Law! I was there with no help and everyone needed something I was being pulled every which way! I guess it's fair to say I had a very very chaotic day! It took everything I had in me not to totally snap and be a real bit*** to this lady but I kept my composure! I would of felt terrible since she is really a nice person and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Another thing that gets me is when your working and I mean busting a serious sweat breaking your friggin back kind of work why do people insist on sitting in their chair drinking their coffee and saying cute little comments like " Looks like your working pretty hard there" Or "You sure do look tired" I just want to turn and say to them why don't you work 13 hours plus weekends and see how friggin tired you look! I mean forgive me but it's annoying as hell for them to say that to you watching you bust your *** while they are sitting on their butt drinking coffee and socializing! I mean their comments keep coming no stop while they watch you work and you just want to scream! Ok Just needed to vent here! I feel better now!

cmost cmost
36-40, F
Mar 17, 2009