This Is My Average Day

I don't have a real job so far so this is my average day as things sit, it's not a bad thing in fact I really kinda like it this way. I wake up in the morning, usually before my husband but not always. I feed the dog and the cat, feed myself, then eventually manage to get in the shower and get dressed for the day. Then I go over to my neighbors to feed her ponies ( I get paid to do this ) then I come home and either go on to the next person needing help or manage to sit around on my rear end thinking about the things around my house I need to do that I don't feel like doing. This is until it comes time to chop wood for the nights fire if it's going to be cold, then cook dinner and sit around some more wondering what I want to do with myself until bed.
Tonight I managed to get the trash taken out and get the bathroom cleaned a bit. Yaay for me....
shair1tu shair1tu
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Sounds like maybe you need some there anything you like doing suring the day that makes your day fun for you?? I always like to clean, but do you ever get together with a friend or something like that?