Taking Back Control

I grew up with anger. My Dad's got a bit of a temper and so I guess I used that as an excuse in a way. "I got my temper of my Dad" and all of that. I used to 'blow up' so easily. In primary school it was a case of "She's in one of her moods again..." whenever I shouted. In high school I used to lose it and smack the wall...
I can pin- point the exact moment that I realised things had to change. I was absolutely fuming- I can't remember why- and I was SO MAD I hit the locker at school which was right by my best friend. I remember her face and her "Oh my God!!". It was then you could say it hit home. My BEST FRIEND was scared of me. Granted it wasn't from that point onwards- it was just for them few seconds and I would NEVER they a finger on her- but she was scared of me. It was then I realised that I didn't want people to be scared of me. I didn't want people to avoid me in case they thought I would lash out.
After that I worked really hard to sort myself out. I did the "counting back from 10" trick and "take a walk" thing and I found it helped.  That moment really helped to shock me out of it and to deal with my issue.

I will be the first to admit I probably wasn't the worst tempered person out there and yeah I still lose my temper every now and again but, to me at least, I've come past that and now I can enjoy life more.
TrueWolf TrueWolf
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010