I Have Np And Curious About Tens

This past year, I started experiencing the classic itch just medial to the left spine and close to the shoulder blade with a slight pigmented area. I am a 57 year old male and this occurred after suffering intense stress due to another medical condition (totally unrelated involving the eyes). As time went on, I started also having intermittent tingling, burning and numbness just left of the upper neck in the trap muscle area. I had thought that this was something different, but when I move around I notice these two areas are connected somehow.

From my research, it appears that the long thoracic nerve is involved in NP and has roots also coming from the lower cervical area. But could those cause sensation that high up on the trap muscle? I also think that this damnable thing is inducing some spasm in the left shoulder blade area. Anyhow, I have read of one conservative and effective treatment involving periodic TENS to the anterior serratus muscle. Would a PT know how to do this?

I have also read of another treatment involving UVB lamp such as is used for psoriasis.
Thanks for any feedback on what I have written.

bstruss bstruss
56-60, M
Dec 13, 2012