No Nostalgia For Notalgia

i have been dealing with notalgia paresthetica for about 8 months,i had started a new job that required me to wear a lead apron and i thought this was the cause for the pain & itching i was spot is below my right shoulder blade.i was skepical of the diagnosis until i googled pictures of it and their was my "spot".

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I just figured out from my own research that I might have this condition, but I've had the really itchy spot for approx ten years. I am 34 now. Can young people get this?

For about 6 months I have suffered with what I believe to be NP ( I find it difficult to spell or pronounce ). Self diagnosis from visualdxhealth web site. Went to my MD who prescribed mometasone furoate cream--$27. a tube. Did nothing! No reduction in itching! I'm starting to fear for my shoulders as I can bearly reach the itchy spot to scratch. I find it difficult to believe that this itchiness is related to my spine as some of my research says. Anyone have any thoughts about my condition?

That is how I self-diagnosed my notalgia parastetica. Confirmed by a dermatologist. From what I read, there is no cure; just some salves to lessen the itch. I don't take any of those right now. I try to limit the nightshade vegetables as they aggravate the condition. If you do not know what they are, they include all vegetables (and tomatos) grown in the ground. You can google nightshade vegetables for a complete list. I guess it could be worse. At least it's not life threatening. <br />
On the other hand, I have always worked out religiously, ate right, did not smoke, drink alot and took care of myself. Turns out that none of that matters. I have moderate osteoarthritis on an x-ray on the spine where the pigmentation is. That may be what is underlying it. Don't know. What about you?

I think I have the same condition. Where did you find the pictures of this condition?