There Is Nothing More For Me

Wow, this groupe describes my feelings exactly. I have nothing now. Well more I mean I have nothing left to experience.

There is nothing left to experience. I completed school, got a job, can support myself, have experience sex, and love. There is nothing left, nothing left to do. For the rest of my days I will be an empty shell of a person. A drone, someone with no purpose. To weak to even be used as a stepping stool. There is nothing left for me. The only thing left is to experience pain and suffering. The only thing I can ever do now is feel sadness and regret.

After I lost love, everything became empty. My friendship with my roommate crumbled. My motivation at work crumbled. My desire to do anything crumbled. I have nothing more to experience now. Well I guess I have one last thing to experience... the last moments of my life before it is over.
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@aniowagirl: It is easy to shoot down all of what you said. I do not believe in a soul mate. The idea is a flawed one. I despise children, I plan on killing myself if I ever have an accident. I have no social skills and therefore no friends. In fact I am kind of a loner. I can only take being around people for so long. I have no interest in becoming a pilot.<br />
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I had a cat once, she was my cat for 18 years. I was a rare child whose pets were not constantly dying. She was one of my only friends and now she is gone. I was there when we put her to sleep.<br />
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I lack the skills and knowledge to obtain any of the things you mentioned. I have nothing to really look forward too. I can set goals however in the end I am so far behind everyone else that I will not accomplish anything but delaying my eventual suicide.

Hmmm Probably a lot of column A and a little column B. I am genuinely tired of living.

How can you say that? Are you really that fed up with life Or is it that you are wallowing in self pity. I ask because I do the latter a lot. I kinda like doing it, because it makes me feel better.

You are a perceptive one yes. I have had these thoughts and feelings long before my relationship went bad. However, now they are even more powerful. After all to have happiness and lose it to something stupid is a crushing feeling.<br />
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However yes you hit the nail on the head. I am doing this to punish myself for being stupid.

It's sad that you're feeling this way. Where does it come from? You talk about having a job, becoming a drone from now onwards and everything being empty since a relationship went bad, but somehow, it seems that you've had this kind of mindset even before all of that. <br />
Why are you committing yourself to such a horrible destiny? To cause yourself more pain?<br />
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Anyways, I hope things get better. No rush to experience your life ending - you can experience that at any time. But you know, I'm just a random person on the internet, so I can't help my words sounding empty and futile. Take care,<br />
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