No Hiding Here

I hide from no one.  As an avid nudist who does not believe people should be forced to wear clothing by law if they choose not to I dress for no one who may come to visit our home and proudly open the front door completely naked.  I also let new friends know up front we are nudist and have nothing to hide.

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5 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I also answered the door naked for some female JW mag sellers. One was shocked, and one couldn't stop grinning.

I will love to visit you with my wife who is very very conservetive and do not want to show.<br />
<br />
Want to visualise,you opening door without any clothes and taking her in and slowly convincing her to do the same.

Wonderful indeed.

Hahahaha,<br />
Did that when we lived in the city sweetie and they never came back : )

I bet THAT gets rid of the JW callers!! LOL