yesterday i went shopping for food ....i spent over two hundered dollars on : rice 25 lbs ...turkey 5 lbs 10 lb;s vegetbles 50 lb's and of course
eggs butter cheese bread and milk ....but i did spent about 50 dollars onĀ  plants ...i brought a tomato plant that already has 10 tomatos on it ..stawberry plant and a few herbs ..and my daughter got herself a small greenhouse kit and is growing seeds we have plenly to eat even through times are tough....
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Great buys!

Per my own research the cost of meeting the definition of healthy eating, as defined by The Food Guide Pyramid/Choose MyPlate model, for a smart shopper, is about $30 to $35 per person per week, more or less based on the person's energy needs. With extra smart buying it can be done for $25 to $30 per person per week. With heroics, such as baking one's own bread, growing a garden, etc., and extra smart shopping it can be done for $15 to $25 per person per week.

Add convenience foods to the mix and the cost goes up dramatically.

Rice and fish! two of my favorites, L. Yeah, they all cost more and more it seems like weekly. Wish I could afford to eat the good stuff more often!

I like the way you help your daughter grow plants herself ,amazing ,, hmmm... my food bill is growing also although I have nobody to support or living with me!!

Veggies fresh from the garden... no supermarket can compare!

Dear I know this may seen crazy but you could get all them things you buy for low prices if you live in the USA, it can be done with coupons and looking for sales when they come around you can even print them off line now days.

yes food has increased a heck of alot its shocking how much it costs :O :O