Giving Blood

When I came of age, I decided to give blood. I wouldn't say that I am a fan of needles but I don't really mind. I don't really know why I would decide to give blood to be honest just something 'I felt like doing'. Any way when I got to the place to give blood, I had to fill out a form to say that I didn't fill any of the parameters which would disallow me from giving blood naturally I passed this. Next I had to be checked for my iron level in my blood by stabbing me in the finger as if it where which was also fine. Next having to wait in line, to actually give the blood itself. When it was my turn I was laid down on a stretcher, next the nurse put the needle into my left arm and took 2 samples of blood to be sent off and tested. When she was actually taking blood she kept moving the needle around (while it was in my arm) saying "lets get this flowing faster", which was uncomfortable to say the least when she had taken her blood from me I felt faint and like I was going to pass out, she could see that I was not in the best of shape and quickly moved my head down on the stretcher and lifted the bottom of it to raise my legs. Eventually after being held in this position for a while and staying awake I was let down, and was told to eat and drink. A fairly interesting experience to saying the least.

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Mar 28, 2009