A Little About Me

Hi everyone!  I was clinically diagnosed with OCD, GAD and Panic Disorder in 2006.  I also have symptoms of addictive personality, and I'm a recovering alcohlic.  With my particular disease, I am very obsessive about cleanliness and organization in all aspects of my life at a very unreasonable level.  I am constantly cleaning, bathing and trying to keep all aspects of my life in strict order.  It is a viscious cycle because I have two small children at home and I know my thoughts of perfection are unreasonable, but I can not stop obsessing and striving for it.  I love my kids and I always put them first, but when I can not get things done around the house, I get extreme anxiety and panic attacks at times.  I also do the "number thing" that a lot of folks with OCD do.  Like I have to kiss my kids a certain number of times, or do certain rituals "x" number of times or I feel like something awful will happen.  I have managed to find some resolve in Lexapro, or should I say a little edge off.  I'm interested in meeting others with the disorder.  I know everyone jokes about being Type A and OCD, but it really is a serious disease.  Look forward to chatting with you all. 
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

I used to be a psych major too! And I know what you mean about the closet org. I have my organized by type of clothing and sub-categorized by color in order of the rainbow. It's so bizarre I know, but I can not stop...Nice to meet you!!!!

hi..I am not diagnosed being an OC but I am an OC..I knew it by heart because I also do some rituals like checking and worrying if I already did things that I have to...I always arrange the clothes in the closet and get annoyed when it's not properly aligned. (laughs)...I follow a list of things, am a neat- freak and just being casually disppointed if my things are disorganized...am a psych major grad so I already comprehend this abnormality in me...Likewise I have 2 little kids and having them of course playing around will make each corner a mess which I hate so much but am not a mother who wants to reprimand and scold them all the time..they re kids and I tend to understand their behavior. So what I do is I lock the room while cleaning and when I let them inside after cleaning up I tell them not to create a mess anymore or I'll lock them inside the storage room. They know when am serious so, they follow. I hale clutter and disarray..am a minimalist.