Mild Ocd But Still Annoying As All Hell.

I have many, many little things that are OCD in nature. Nothing is so bad that it effects my life to the point that I can't function, but it's definitely to the point where I notice them. Things have to be in a certain place or I start getting anxiety. The order or cleanliness of it isn't such a big deal to me, just that it's precisely where I put it. Having my ma in my house moving things around is a great source of frustration to this particular one. I have hand-to-mouth problems too, and that's the reason why I can't stop smoking. I'm not addicted to the nicotine; I just can't stop that compulsive movement. Odd numbers bother me to a great degree, to the point that if I stop doing something on one, it'll give me anxiety. I roll cigarettes as an example, and I have to always roll evenly numbered amounts (though ten at a time is usually best for me). If for some reason I don't count out the right amount, the extra one -has- to be smoked immediately because I can't stand to see it sitting there.

My son is also showing some OCD habits, and he's only four. He lines things up in rows and once we get him cleaning, he's absolutely obsessed with it. If I give him a dustpan and handheld broom and tell him to sweep the kitchen floor, he will literally sit there for an hour or more until every last speck of dust, dirt, or other debris is off the floor. It makes me wonder if this is a learned behavior or a genetic one...
Trinea Trinea
Jul 13, 2010