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It used to be worse but it is not as bad now.  I am on Prozac for depression and I think it must have helped this too.  Anyways, I would have to touch something with both hands because I couldn't stand one hand feeling different from the other.  I am not a neat freak but when I would put something away, it had to be put in the right position, aligned and stuff.  When I would iron something, I had to get every single wrinkle out.  When I look in the mirror, I have to like what I see before I will let myself walk away.  If I have a certain expression or I looked ugly for a moment, I would have to look again.  I would have to do things an even number of times.  When I look up a word to spell, I would have to look at it again even after I wrote it down with the correct spelling because I wanted to see it one more time in the book before moving on.  When I make the bed, the covers have to be even on all sides.  When buttering bread, it has to be on there even and whatever else I put on it.  There can't be any bare spots.  Same with icing on a cake.  I have to have the towels folded a certain way and they all go the same direction on the shelf.  My scrubs have to be matched (top with bottom) when put on a hanger.  I carefully fold my pants on the hanger so it is even and they don't get more wrinkles.  If I know I am dozing off while watching tv, I have to see a certain thing on the tv before I will close my eyes.  It has to be pleasing and comforting and I will fight to keep my eyes open until I see something like that.  Both of my feet have to be covered when I am under a blanket or it will drive me nuts.  If one hand gets wet, the other one must get wet too.  OK that is all I can think of right now. 
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Ya I was worried that maybe it was OCD but I realized that it really isn't and having a professional tell me this was even better! Those little things that drive us crazy I guess are hard to overcome. I guess we all have to deal with it or change it.

Wow, these comments really surprised me! I thought it sounded an awful lot like me, maybe a little bit worse, maybe just different examples.. I'm nowhere near as bad now, I even leave spelling mistakes! I am glad to hear it is not actually proof of OCD. I think I did this sort of thing more whilst stressed. Wow reading that brought back so many memories, some things I still do. Can't stand it when one foot falls on a line but the other one hasn't. Gotta step on a line with the other foot.<br />
Glad to hear you are dealing with it.

Ugh, I'm sorry Faithie. It is a real pain in the butt, however, it has not been that bad for quite awhile now. I am on Celexa and that helps. I am seeing a therapist because I have a lot of stress in my life right now and I was having trouble dealing with it. Anyway, I told her about this and she said that it is not OCD, just some symptoms from all the anxiety I have. I am still dealing with anxiety but at least I am getting some help. I encourage you to do the same because this is no way to live.

soundsa bit like me!

Thank you I really appreciate your comment. I guess I should mention it to my doctor. :)

The prozac could defiantly of helped, when I was first diagnosed with OCD I was swapped on to prozac because it was an anti-depressant that help treat OCD symptoms. This is something you should discuss with your treating doctor! Don't be too scared by the prospect of having it, a lot of people are able to find effective treatments!<br />

I hate to say this, but as someone who's been diagnosed as having OCD, this does sound like full blown OCD. Don't worry, though... The stigma of having it isn't that bad, and you're certainly not crazy or anything, nor should you be made to feel that way. You may want to seek treatment for it if it is affecting you that much, though. If you're interested, I'm not a professional or anything, but I could share my experiences with "exposure therapy" and what's worked for me in the past.

lol geez I sure as hell hope not! I the only one that thinks this sounds like full-blown OCD?