Just To Check

For some reason, I don't know whenever I'm about to eat something with a fork or spoon I always have to make sure it's clean even though it's already been washed. When I do this I will take a paper towel and wipe the fork and spoon over , my mom gets mad at me because she thinks I'm wasting paper towel when I do it but I just have to do it . Then there's this thing with mmy drinking glass when I take it out to drink in it, I always wash it out, and then make sure that all of the water is out of it before I pour any juice or soda into it , I don't the water to be in my drink. Oh and I have these stacks of pictures of my favorite artists underneath a table in my room, these pictures have to be a certain way or I'll go crazy trying to put them right. I wish I could stop these types of compulsions.
meekgurl meekgurl
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2012