I Tendy To Get A Little B****y

I don't know if it's OCD or just me being anal. I have to have things a certain way...always! You could walk in my house and move something and if I came in I would know it and it would definitely go back. I made the mistake of buying a sofa once that had the pillows lined up across the back, OMG! I thought I would lose my mind trying to keep the pillows straight, it would drive me crazy for somebody to sit on my sofa, as soon as they would get up I would run over to straighten the pillows. I wash my hands a million times a day it seems like. I stack all my food in the pantry with the labels facing out. My stepchildren are soooo messy and it drives me crazy going behind them trying to keep everything perfect. My towels and wash cloths have to be folded a certain way with the folds all facing the same way if someone else folds them wrong I re fold them. I have a certain spot in my refrigerator for everything and it bothers me for someone to put the cheese in the vegetable drawer or the deli meat in the dairy drawer etc. Every time I walk past the dining room table I'll make sure all the chairs are straight and the same distance from the table and I do the same thing to our patio table outside and the wicker furniture on the front porch...that is a constant battle. There are many more things like this I do and honestly it keeps me stressed out...I wish I could be more layed back.
newbride2012 newbride2012
41-45, F
Jun 26, 2012