I Might Have Mild Ocd But Haven't Been Diagnosed.

I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, so... I think this group fits me better than saying... I have OCD, or is it... I am OCD. I'm sure that someone here can tell me which is right.

One of my first signs of OCD was when I was about 7 or 8, I used to have to turn back the same way I'd turned in the first place, or I'd feel like it was wrong. And I preferred to go out the same door I came in. Strange thing is, I felt that those actions were wrong too. I realized that something was wrong with feeling that I had to turn back the same direction I had first turned, so I started fighting that urge. If I hadn't felt that or fought the urge then I might have ended up far worse off than I am now. I still find myself looking at things and wanting to make them straight or even. I drive down the road and fix the level of the ground beside the road in my mind. I sit in office waiting rooms and reorganize the seats in my mind. Once in a waiting room that I had frequented, when I was alone, I straightened everything, and pulled nails and tacks and staples out of the wall where people had just left them there after taking down notices or pictures. I've spent an hour in Goodwill straightening their clothes racks. It bothers me to go in and see them all mixed up, but most the time I stop the urge to straighten.

Wish me luck on continual success in overcoming my OCD tendancies. I do so for all of you too.

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Look I left the typo in there! Recovery! :D

Thanks for the response. I don't think I learned these things from anyone. I felt like they came from inside me and I didn't see anyone acting this way to have copied them.

Are you diagnosed with OCD or do you have learned behaviour disorder? I do wish you luck, and hope those around you understand what you are going through, my mother has learned behaviour disorder, qite similar to OCD, so I understand what you go through. Best Wishes xxxxx