J ust readin other story's... Makes me feel like I'm NOT CRAZY and other people in this world are going through the same thing I am... Not that its always a good thing...but to know you can relate to others is always nice... I have good days and bad days... I'm always counting things, NE and everything I see... when I was younger, Sittin in the car I would count the lines in the street... or other cars... Stairs, windows, ceiling tiles...

And my other issue I have is, I plan escape route out... like if someone was to break in WHAT THE HELL do am I gonna do... so I plan and play out different situation in my head... I'm always lookin out the window to see if I have to jump how bad will it be and hurt... Sad yes I know...

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Yea... sometimes its koo... but other times im like GOSH here i go again... lol

omg i do the same thing. Is that what OC is? Well, I know I'm not the typical anything. I don't mind my little quirky behaviors. I love being me and me thinky you r cool. Keep doing u.

Thnks Debby you too:-D

You sound normal to me. I used to count things too.<br />
<br />
A little OCD. And planning an escape route is normal too.<br />
<br />
It shows the you are a little afraid of what goes on in<br />
<br />
this crazy *** world. Have a great week , Debby