It may seems normal to me, but sometimes I think if someone with a background in psychology were to observe me for a week at least, they'd probably say there was something wrong. i.e: I clean my nails constantly, I wipe off the toilet seat every time before I use it (and it's just me living my myself), when I shower, I wash twice, I check my email and smartphone over 10x a day and I *have* to have my music and bookmarks organized..most things organized or done a certain way or I get pissed off. I definitely don't care for people touching my things, it's the worst. My worst habit is my tendency to compulsively spend however, I've been good lately..although my definition of "good" is less than $50 at best. Of course, $50 is nothing to some but when you're on a fixed income, it can take a big bite out of your finances and it sucks. But, spending aka "retail therapy" is like comfort for me, especially lately. I love the bright array of nail polishes, eyeshadows and tiny pots of makeup, not to mention the excitement of getting a package from my favorite clothes store online, it feels good, it fills a void. Unfortunately it is a temporary feeling sad to say but not sure what else can fill that- I haven't too many friends and the ones I have are too busy. My family are disinterested in things I enjoy, or I cant talk to them, I cant afford any pets and I don't have an SO, so spending and acquiring possessions makes me feel better because I haven't much else going on in my life, sadly.
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Sounds like me in a nutshell. Every bit of it. And I shower three times a day, everything must be organized and I'm a particular order, lined up straight, sometimes color coordinated. And I will freak over the tiniest of messes sometimes.