Is It Genetics Or Environment?


 I live in an entire household of people with anxiety D/O and OCD. I live with two hoarders which eventually caused me to become claustrophobic (There are some rooms in my house I can't stay in). I used to have very bizarre and sometimes unbearable Compulsions when I was younger but eventually grew out. But now the only real ones I have are:

Some Checking: lock doors, head lights, stove, leaving things behind in a room

Speech: If someone says something funny I like, I have to repeat it. I HATE THIS! Trying so hard to break it.

Germs: I think I'm somehow diseased and will contaminate other people's food, so I'm afraid of touching other people's plates, silverware, or food, no matter how many times i wash my hands. But I usually have no trouble if others tough my food. If I am sharing a sandwitch with someone, I usually ask the other person to rip it apart. If I share a bowl of popcorn with someone, and a peice falls out of my hand, I freak out and will not let anyone each that section of the bowl.

Hoarding: I do a little hoarding myself (usually things people give). But nowhere as bad as my two family members.

Feet: Somehow I think my shoes and feet are diseased and need to keep them out of my sight. Hence why you never see my shoes in the middle of the room. They are all in the closet, hidden. (I also have trouble wearing flipflops in public.) 

Knocking: Sometimes if I think of a bad thought, occasionally I have to knock or tap on something hard like a table or wall.

Reading: I have to read something several times even if I understand what it's saying or when I'm writing something I have to proof read it at least 10 times, even if it's only 2 short sentences long. It's not going to change! People at work get frustrated with me because I take too long.

Textures: I have problems with sticky textures or eating wet food with my hands. So I have to wipe my hands and mouth a lot. Sometimes in a restaurant I'll use a big pile of napkins and take many trips to the trash can to keep throwing the napkins away.

Phone & Time: I rarely use my cell phone for calling, but if you take it away from me for even 10 minutes, I'll have an anxiety episote! I also feel anxious if I don't know the time.

I have a lot of obsessive thoughts and thinking but usually most of them do not require compulsions.


Azoru Azoru
Mar 24, 2009