Obsessed With My Nipples/breastsy

 I am ruining my life because I must either pump my breasts or have a friend suckle me every couple of hours.  In between I rub my nipples constantly because they are tender and orgasmic.  I feel compelled to keep my breasts exposed whenever I am alone.  I can remember at the age of 5 being obsessed with my breasts because a male guest of my parents took me to his bed almost daily after school while my parents were at work: he sucked and sucked on my non-existent breasts until they were red and sore.  Sexually he never penetrated me vaginally with his organ, he seemed to like my breasts but once in a while he did what I later learned was oral sex and I felt so very confused because I loved it.  And I learnd to love his suckling of my tiny nipples.  This went on for about a month, when he left.  He made me  afraid to tell my parents, but from that time on I yearned to have my breasts suckled and I would take any opportunity to let anyone suck them, male or female, any age, often being horribly embarrassed.  Nursing my own Children when I grew older did not give the satisfaction I needed, and so after 1 of 2 children, I chose not to nurse.  I am no longer married (my husband did not like to suckle me.  Now I am almost sick because of the chronic need to pump or be suckled, and in between I can just rub my nipples hard and I ******.  I don't need nor can ****** when I pump or am suckled: it's just a feeling of a chronic orgasmic state.  I especially chose to go to bars where it is easy to lure a man into the back and get him to suckle: they don't always demand intercourse.  When I go out on ordinary chores, every two hours or less, I have go to the Ladie's toilet and suck on my own nipples.  I WANT THIS TO STOP AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP THIS OBSESSION THAT IS RUINING MY LIFE BECAUSE IT DEMANDS CONSTANT PHYSICAL URGES THAT I MUST SATISFY.  I FEEL THAT I AM MENTALLY ILL.  I PRAY THAT SOMEONE CAN HELP ME.

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We got something in common

I hope your okay now, add me if you want talking

I have the same urges: I can't keep my hands off of my nipples. I have to pump them at least four times a day for 1 to 2 hours , and then when one is really puffy, I nurse it for 10 minutes. Then put pump back on and nurse the other nipple. I also fantasize about servicing men with my breast milk as my paid occupation. This is also ruining my life because I don't want to have anything interfer with my routine. And like you, I have to suck my own breasts if I am away from home. My urge began when I was about 5, and it just became a drive I didn't understand because I was never molested in the way you were. I just always was aware of my **** and rubbed them a lot. When I was 7, a friends brother gave me oral sex and I loved it and craved more although it didn't happen again. After I was married, my husband gave me oral sex, and the first time I felt little girl guilty. That I don't miss now that I am alone, but I would pump and such my breasts 24/7 if I could. I don't think either of us are mentally ill, but it is a sexual obsession that harms only ourselves. I would like to not have it control my life, but it gives me that orgasmic peace you describe, and so I know that only lack of opportunity to be alone lessens the frequency. With men, I never had vaginal ******** from their penis': only when my breasts were nursed while they were in me. I had children and even though I am now older, I still lactate because of the continued milking: I have to keep pads in my bra when I go out, and also go to the woman's room every couple of hours not just for the emotional need but also to relieve my breasts of any leaking milk. No one knows: it's my shame and secret. I too would welcome any help or ideas to overcome this driving need and the will to "dry up".

I do not think that you are mentally ill or that it is a shame, otherwise it is a pure pleasure

i am a man, 57 yrs old..been alone alot and ********** to obsession... however i just started touching my nipples a few weeks ago and now i cannot stop.. i dont WANT to stop and yet i do.. they get sore and hurt ..so i sleep and they get a lil better.. but it starts all over again... i understand... i think its spiritual and we need deliverance.. jsu my take.. hope you are ok

wow, i really don't know what to say to this. Its obvious it stems from childhood, have you tried talking with a professional therapist? There has to be a way to replace the urges with something more constructive.