Miracle Baby

 I found out in sept. 2008 I was pregnant.  I was very scared this was my 7th time being pregnant and I 2 wonderful lil boys and I had a lil girl in 06 that was still born she had ancephalocele.  My other 3 pregnancies ended with a miscarriage.  I had an appointment to have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby.  They told me it was alil girl but she also had problems.  She had encephalocele.  All the doctors around home said I needed to have an abortion but I just couldnt do it.  I started traveling 4 hours from home every week to doctors appts.  5 months into pregnancy they told me the encephalocele had progresed more then they had hopes and there was no chance of survival.  I was mixed with emotion.  All I could think to do was pray and pray and thats exactly what I did.  On May 4th, 2009 I went into premature labor.  I had an amnio done to check the lungs of my lil girl they were good and mature so I had a C-Section on May 6th, 2009.  She was born alive and was 7lbs 13oz.  She was rushed away quickly to a Childrens Hospital and examined by a neruosurgoen.  I was called to her bedside on Mothers Day and told my lil girl would not live.  The sack on the back of her head contained brain and her brain stem.  I cried I felt like my world had just ended.  That was the first day I got to hold her.  Almost a week old she was still doing great so her doctor told us they would do a surgery to reduce the size of the sac so would could take her home and enjoy her for the lil while we had.  She went into surgery and4 hours later they were done the surgery went great.  Mariah Faith continued to do could.  2 days after surgery she started having siezures.  And we were told she was blind.  She continued her long hospital stay and had 3 shunts put in to removed the fluid off her brain.  On june 14th we got to take our lil girl home.  She has made several more stays at the hospital and has been put on life support 3 times.  In November 2009 they sent her home to pass away.  They told us if she was lucky she may last another week.  Its now march 2010 and she is doing great she is now on oxygen because she got sick in December and the hospital here at home refused to help her cause they said she was going to die.  She also has a feeding tube cause she does not know how to eat.  She is still here today and doing great shes now 20lbs 14oz and 25 inches long.  She still has a sac on the back of her head with contains her brain stem and her poor lil body cant control her body temp.  She will soon be celebrating her 1st birthday a time we were told was impossible.  I ask of everyone to please pray for her she is a very strong lil girl.  We are blessed that God gave her to us.  And to the parents out there keep you head up and have faith doctors dont know everything.   THANK YOU FOR SHARING OUR STORY!!!

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I thank God to be able to hear your story to give me hope and strength, for I am also told my son won't make it and I refuse to give up on him.I am also great full to have a strong supportive partner that won't give up on the both of us.we are 22 weeks into our pregnancy and doctors are telling us there's a poor chance of him making after birth.

I am so sorry to hear that she passed away! But at least you gave her 19 months that she wouldn't have had and I'm sure in those 19 months she was much loved. Stay strong!

UPDATE:: Miss Mariah Faith went into cardiac arrest and passed away December 4, 2010. She was 19 months old. She past away at home with her family in her daddys arms. She is dearly missed by all!<br />
<br />
R.I.P. Mariah Faith Sermulis<br />

i agree and i hope she and your family are ok i kept my faith and i pray to god she is ok you are blessed with a special baby cos u r a special parent well done you for staying strongxx

thank you very much and my lil girl heaven lee is up there with them playing. Thank you for the very kind comment i needed it. Hope to hear from you again you have inspired me!

Hey congraultions!!!! I hope u belive in miracles because that little baby girl is a mircale baby sent from Heaven!! I was a fertneral twin, I have a twin brother but he was a still born and he weighted inn more than me, we weren't due until April 27th and we came into this world on January 9th, he weighted in at 3lbs and 4 ounces plus 22 inches long, like I said he was a still born, I was born in 4 minutes earlier than him, and I weighted in at 1lb even and 23 1/2 inches long so I am also a mircale baby too!!!! I have 4 children that were all stillborns and with my bro in Heaven, someday I will get too see them all when its my time, I also had a set of fertneral twins as well both a girl anda boy!! But my prayers are with u, and again congraultions:}