Mental Relapse

 Ok, so Iv been on Citalopram for god knows how long now (its an anti depressant) for my ocd and depression. It was working fine, but lately Iv started heading back to the 'old me'. The suicidal, homicidal (not literally, its the state that my mind reverts to) emotional recking ball that couldn't tell the difference but wrong or right, up or down, sane or mental. Iv been trying to figure out whats been causing me to feel down and out but I keep drawing a blank. Its affecting my social life and my college work and thats what upsets me most. The fact the I cant keep it personal anymore, no matter how hard I try. Its destroying me. Iv spent the last hour crying for no reason other than that i cant cope anymore. 


Man, I need to see my shrink again.


LoneTiger LoneTiger
18-21, M
Mar 17, 2009