Maybe Just Another Idea Popping Up

but if I rationally look up on the facts I do have this obsessive mind - it hasnt been much of a problem until I was strucken down with extreme intrusive thoughts that I have now caught myself ruminating about for years and years - seeking an answer that I know never will be found - its strange on how affect it has played out in my life as I have become just like Rodins "the thinker" but before that I could just live on with my life - life is full on anxiety and spikes everywhere I go - im here to perhaps talk with other pure-o, to share stories and face our fears.
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Good luck getting better...Yeah I dunno I keep thinking the same couple thoughts over and over and over and nothing people says will really change it I just believe if I find other areas of focus they will go away eventually.

tell me about it haha , i want to prove the existence of god , i think of this all day lol , but im really good on medicine , are you taking anything ? you should ...

indeed excellent, release the hounds.

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Wish you could find a good choice in your life...