I Am Still Working On It, I Am Still Working On It

It has been hard, but is becoming better or easier....

RedheadJolene RedheadJolene
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4 Responses Sep 22, 2008

Yes, I also have a son who is autistic, we love him and that is just the way he is too. Isn't it great to be accepted for who you just are by your true loved ones! :)

I love MONK...its a great show - thank you for explaining...my sister was in some ways the same - she used to eat the same foods at the same time each day - if lunch was late and ended up being a half hour before dinner she would still have dinner at the same time...we just saw it as the way she was. It is great that your kids just accept it.

I am not sure how it took hold of me or if I have always had it. I am stuck in a sameness, or routine, with perfection tendancies, I don't have to turn the light off and on 20 times, only at the same time everyday. I hide it from most everyone except my kids, but they think it is normal, it could also be misdiagnosed as bipolar, because when something messes up my program or doesn't go right, it is like a mood or personality change, and it is very hard to get back on track. Extreme highs and extreme lows come with it too. I know there are meds out there to help "calm" me down, but I don't take meds anymore, I just consume massive quantities of beer and try to keep my behaviors as healthy and legal as possible, lol. If you know anything about autism or spectrum disorder, there are some sameness there too. I wish I could explain it better, have you seen the show MONK?

I don't understand - sorry...you have OCD without the compulsions. How does Pure-O manifest - what are the symptoms? I am just curious as I have never heard of it.