I Have Pure-o, Had It Scince I Was Young

hi, im 42 years old, and a mother of two teenage children. but i have never shared my problem with them, as ive never wanted to worry them.  my thoughts are so dibilitating, cause me panic, guilt, and constant stomach churning feelings.  i have suffered with this scince i was very young, but gradually got worse.   i am off to see a doctor again on monday, but scared to discuss it with him as its a new doctor at our surgery.  been on prozac for a long time, but feel i need something a lot stronger, it anyone could recommend something i would be very grateful,   i am so glad to have come across this site, as i read your comments and life stories it makes me feel a sense of relief that i am not alone, and i have great respect ffor all of you as i know its so difficult.

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For anyone experiencing pure o that has not obtained help, then please do so and turn the experiences/thoughts around that you are experiencing. Many doctors will have heard of ocd but few have heard of pure o. You need to ask to be referred to psychologist who specialises in pure o ocd - a lot of psychologists don't! Here's a few key points about pure o ocd sufferers you may find useful and helpful.<br />
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1. Ocd experiences tend to be slightly more intelligent than your average person - that's right you are a bit brainier!<br />
2. If your pure o takes the form of harmful or distressing thoughts/images/questions - you are LESS likely that the average person to ever harm anyone.<br />
3. Ocd is the doubting disease - so will make you doubt/worry that what you think/ask/worry about is going to happen and if you think perhaps your thought/image/worry is not ocd - then it IS ocd.<br />
4. Pure O is just a thought - a thought does not usuallly lead to an action or mean because you've had the thought you will have the action/result. Everyone, ocd experiencer or not, will at times throughout their life have an unusual/scary thought - but non pure o ocd people will just dismiss this as a weird one off thought and not dwell on it.<br />
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Remember - it's just a thought - not you!<br />
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SG - you guessed it - pure o ocd experiencer for many years....

Hey,<br />
I am new here too.<br />
I have just found out yesterday what I am dealing with after spending hours of research online. I found a few sites where people have said that vitamin B complex and fish oil help. I do not plan to go on any prescription meds like prozac or lithium but I am going to take those