New Mechanical Pencils..?

During school, when my mom would take me to the nearest large town for shopping, I always got these shiny mechanical pencils at one specific store. I wouldn't buy them anywhere else. The glitter and consistancy was my favorite thing about the pencils.

When I got home I would sit at the edge of my bed with a sharpie and a small maroon trashcan in front of me. I would pick each one up and put them in two perfect 45 degree angles. Then, starting from the bottom left, I would pick each one up and break the grip off of all of them. After happily completting the task I would pick up a sharpie and draw an A on the base of them.

When all of my pencils were broken and contained the letter of my name on them I would replace all of  the erasers it came with with new ones, all matching the colors of the pencil.

When I think about why I did it, it makes perfect sense to me. To my mom it didn't though. I wasn't diagnosed with OCD until I was twenty so she would yell at me nonstop when she saw them. 'Why should I waste perfectly good money on this new stuff if you just make it look old and ruined?' She would always say.

I can't help the way I am, but I do think about my poor mother and how I would ruin what she broke her back to buy me.

krunkenstein krunkenstein
Aug 4, 2010