I Had Ocd

I had OCD when I was in fifth grade and I never took any medication for it.
It eventually went away and well I learned to get past it. I remember I would have to get out of a certain side of my bed when i woke up. once I woke up on the right side and I had to get back into bed and get out from the left side. my parents did not know what was wrong with me because they would sometimes see me having to touch certain things a few times. im sure they thought I was werid. I would have to touch the facuet when i would brush my teeth a few times and the shower.
I really feel like medicine doesnt always cure everything. I feel this way because I never took any medication, which some people do take when the have ocd, and I got through it with changing the way I would think about things.
Each one of us has to abillity to learn to live with whatever we have. we can cope through it. we are stronger than we think and we need to be stonger than ocd, depression, or any type of mental illness. I think it is bascially all in your head. I thought if I would move certain things that something in my life bad would happen or if I hadnt worn something in a long time, I wouldnt want to touch it because I hadnt worn it and maybe something I did not like would occur.
I dont know how long it took me to overcome this... but  im glad all is well since it was a faze in my life.
girlie18 girlie18
18-21, F
Nov 14, 2010