For as long as I can remember I have been counting things, checking, rechecking and locking and relocking things. i couldn't tell you when it started, I think it just kinda came on slowly. It's not quite as bad as it used to be but it still sucks. I can't even freakin wash my hands once like any other normal human being, I have to wash them 5 or most likely 7 times. It sucks... Anyway tell my your stories I dont really have any support when it comes to this cause besides my best friend, nobody knows...

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My favorite numbers are 2, 8, 10, And 1. I hate being touched. And that's a problem cause I'm in the drama department so we do the whole trust fall thing. *shudder*

You wrote 'my' instead of 'me' please fix it. O_O I have sympathy for you. I'm in a similar situation. Ever consider medication?

dont worry

you are not alone


i understand i have ocd there is a book that really helped me the name is obessive compulsive disorders by Fred Penzel phd check it out vinny

my bad number is 6 or multiples of 6.. i count almost everything i do. i have stupid rituals ..i have thoughts that scare me.i think ppl posion my food. its hell on earth.

I count things too. 3, or 6 mostly. Never the number after 3

I love the number after 3!

I mean 4 :)

Every time I read a story like this it stresses me out. Is my OCD going to last this long? And be this bad? I've just been living with my OCD. A lot of my friends have guessed I have OCD. But because I don't talk to my parents, ive never been diagnosed. The only person I talked to about it was another adult who I know, who suffered from OCD when they were my age. They got better, and they say I will too, but I don't know, it seems like I'll have it forever. Will I?

It will get better, trust me. God does everything for a reason. He gave us the strength to live with ocd, and he gave us the strength to recover. If you think about it, how many other people do you know that can live like we do. We have to do everything that they do, but we have extra weight on our shoulders. God put us here with ocd, and gave us the strength to overcome it. We are brave and strong because we have to be, so let's fight. Never accept defeat, don't let ocd win.

I have OCD too. It's gotten to be pretty bad, anxiety and depression, etc. The number thing? Done it my whole life. I get the uneven touching too, and my routines. I also have other sort of compulsive behaviors, I'm not gonna list it all to you though. My advice to you? (Please, I am begging you, take it). Get help. Tell an adult you trust, you have to get over the compulsions. I've been fighting since I was a little girl (I'm 16 now), and I'm going to keep fighting. I remember being really young, like 6, maybe 7, and doing the double touch compulsion. Everything had to be balanced. I went to my mom and told her, and I asked her if it was bad. I had this feeling that it wasn't right. We made a promise to always watch and help each other if we acted funny (she suffers from OCD, too). We still try to, though there was a period of time where mine got really bad and we didn't do anything. I'm working so hard to get over it now. Please, save yourself the hurt and the pain and get help now. I know how you're feeling, and you're not alone. There are plenty of people out there who care and love you and will help you get through it. You don't have to do it alone, let them in :)

i only commented to make the comments ad even munber..Thats my ocd..I can only have even amounts of things or even number!!My favorite number is 10 and 22

I count and do things in even numbers like 4 or 8 times

I count and do things in even numbers like 4 or 8 times

Mee too!

Think of it as you being better than others. You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself

I saw your logo beside your story about ocd, and i love the power puff girls! not as much as I love hello kitty though.

Be brave about it, there is nothing wrong with having OCD everyone has a lil bit in them just yours comes out a lil more! =-)<br />
Talk about it with others as it will seem like nothing n you can have a laugh about it like i do! it is so much easier than having to feel different n have to deal with it all yourself!<br />
<br />
Even the people in the shop my mum works at know about mine as i have a big problem with things being stacked in the wrong place or being the wrong way round etc! so i have to change them all round! i should start getting paid for it i think!! =-)