Dont Worry Your Not Alone!

I don't have it full blown like my Nana does but i have inherited it off her i think!
It really does annoy me how i have suddenly got it! as i never had any trouble with anything before!

My friends all know about it as they were the ones who picked up on it all n told me about it!
My OCD is more about colours! if i put the lids on cups for the kids at work i could never put them matching colours blue on blue etc i esp couldn't put green on green! i would freak out a Lil bit if i saw that n have to change it! even if someone else had put it on!

I dye my hair n i like it more now as my brown hair is starting to grow back n the red is fading as it is 2 different colours!
I did a wall display at work n i made a "brick wall" using cardboard n everyone told me to stick it up like it was but i had to paint it!
My friend kept getting at me asking me why i was painting the bricks 2 different colours! n i told her it couldn't be 1 colour!

It isn't major but it gets me down as i have to work twice as hard to do displays etc in 2 colours n not just the 1!!!
But everyone has commented on my wall n how realistic it looks!!!

I have other things which i do but it will take forever to go on about them!

sazead sazead
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2007

I can relate to you a lot! Good thing lots of things have multiple colors
p.s. no offense intended at all but you should probably capitalize all your I's when you're on the OCD side of the website, or you might just be murdered by someone ;)

Well, fortunately, not many things are in one color :)