Pure O

I suffer from a severe ocd, which sometimes takes control over my emotions and beliefs.
I obsess about thoughts and ideas that irritate me.
I get convinced by the ideas of me being a bad person, so i end up ruminating situations  in my head
which dont exist, end up believing that one state where all seems to be true, you feel they're strange though.
Idk what to say, i obsess abt evthg. i doubt myself..evthg..means..negative..for..me..
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22-25, F
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I understand. Sometimes I'll just imagine bashing my best friend's head in on the pavement, and watching her bleed. I know I'll never do that, but I hate feeling it. It feels cruel, and wrong.
It's terrible.
Also counting. Counting. Counting.
I hate hate hate counting.
i have to do everything in multiples of three. stupid stupid stupid three!!

I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering from this and I do hope you are doing better since the time you wrote this. I do have to be honest though, I was happy to read this and know that I am not the only person who thinks like this. It makes me feel more normal in a sense. I know OCD isn't "normal" by any sense of the word but having a shared experience with another human being makes it a human problem and its normal to us so I feel better knowing that.

:) I suffer from this too.

Welcome to part of my life.

yes i understand what you go through i have pureo as well my meds help a lot with this there is a book i have read that helped me a lot called obessive compulsive disorders by FRED PENZEL PHD, it may be of help to you . vinny

I am. idk. I am as of now