I Have A Few Habits

I dislike whenever something is not straight or at a 45 degree angle. Sometimes when I'm really upset, I must clean and every item on the tables have to be straight. And when I clean tables, I can't stand it when there a crumble or a spot left. It effects me at work, cause they complain I take too long. But I have learned how to move my hands faster. So I can make them happy, and not feel uneasy about the table not being clean.

When I walk up to a curb it makes me feel all warm inside to hop onto it with my right foot. If I notice someone is watching me though, I walk over it normally. Everytime I set a time on the microwave or alarm clock, I always make it an odd number. Like 11:03 instead of 11:00.

When I clean the dishes I first rinse them and go over them with a scrub brush. I wash them with a sponge, and I feel over the entire dish with my hand, because I don't completely trust that it's clean.
Rakoras Rakoras
26-30, M
Mar 26, 2012