Fearful Thought:(

Ive had ocd for years but just here in the last few months is when its gotten really bad!
I cant think about anything except my fear of something bad happing to me and my kids being without a mother, and my poor husband just puts up with it even when i know what im doing doesnt make any sence at all and i get really mad because i cant make myself stop worring all the time about everything...I went to the dr. last week he gave me paxil but of course im scared to take it because of all the side effects, so im waiting to see a theripst in a couple of weeks. does anyone else have crazy thoughts that you know will prolly never happen but cant let go of them?
Ashley1981 Ashley1981
1 Response May 11, 2012

i have ocd i use paxil and clonopin combinded they help a lot ocd is a horrible illness we are lacking serotoninin key sites of the braini would use the paxil for now but its up to you there is a book i think would help you Obessive Compulsive Disorders by Fred Penzel phd. .................